Zvezda’s Pz. IV Ausf.D, Sdkfz 251 and Opel Blitz: Deutsch kunststoff soldaten

Plastic, plastic, plastic.  It’s where’s it’s all at at the moment it seems.  Me?  I’m still a good old fashioned resin man, but I have to admit my boy is sold:

And it’s not only him.  Check out Dave’s ‘mix-n-match’ range of Hanomags.  The Battlefront ones have the bridging sections, but the remainder are Zvezda’s.  The crew in the Zvezda versions are Skytrex (CD GS14).

But it doesn’t stop there.  The Plastic Soldier Company’s 15mm Sdkfz 251/D and C kits are released and ready to ship.  I reckon Chris would love to get his hands on these little beauties.  Shame we don’t have any to review 🙂

I particularly like Dave’s take on Zvezda’s Opel Blitz truck.  The crew are spare Battlefront figures and the crates/barrels are Skytrex.  Dave scored the planking on the sideboards because these are plain on the original model.  The set ships with a canopy that he’s left off in this example

Graebner would be proud.


27 Responses to “Zvezda’s Pz. IV Ausf.D, Sdkfz 251 and Opel Blitz: Deutsch kunststoff soldaten

  • Absolutely awesome review 🙂

    Watch your back, he’ll be after your spot.

  • Hehehe! He’s a lil’ Model Dad in the making! 🙂

  • Great new addition to the modeldads franchise… Modelkids!
    I’ve got the opel trucks myself, was tad disappointed by the lack of detail but suspect its down to the mould design- those ones show what can be donr though.

    • Thanks Mark! As Chris will be able to testify, he’s at that age where he want to be part of it: driving his lego 4×4 over the scenery, stealing trees and knocking paint pots over! The joy of kids! 🙂

  • Here is a snapshot from our game at the weekend during setup, under Justin’s sons hand is the PZIV

  • Allan Traise
    7 years ago

    Great review with your son! Loved it.

    Thanks for sharing & Happy Gaming,


  • Dang, those look great!

  • Love the reveiw, when I finally get the terrain done I’ll hopefully have my son(s) involved aswell 🙂

    Any sign of the Katy, I want to see the finished result!!?

    Don’t ask me why because I don’t have an answer but I really want a windmill, were did you get yours?

    keep smiling,


  • Katys are on hold whilst I finish my scouts, but I will re-start on them shortly 🙂 2 have been built…

    I know what you mean about windmills. I wanted one for Holland, but it’s been great for some Eastern Front games. This one is from Hovels Dutch Timber Windmill

    Got mine painted as a Christmas present! Worth the extra pennies…

  • I was in my local store the other week, picking up the last of cruiser company bits, when Will from plastic soldier delivered the new SDKFZ’s. They are awesome, i noted a bit of flash on the m.g.’s, as i said to Will i’m not a big fan of his figures, they’re really clear and precise, they look like scaled down 1/72’s, however this means it doesn’t leave much surface area to paint, unlike BF figures. However all said and done you can’t turn your nose up at that price and the vehicle quality is fantastic, i can hear the road wheels rolling on my T-34/76/85 plastic soldier tankfest…

  • Caliver Books are selling the PSC 251’s for £14.50, they’ve got to be worth the extra 75p over the price I paid for 5 from Zvezda!!



  • Mike Edwards
    6 years ago

    Fantastic, I have always enjoyed your site, the attention to detail and professional look of the website is better than many company’s websites (I’m thinking Peter Pig and KR Multicase here!).

    Love the way you worked with your son, it was funny, Especially “I’m off for a wee wee now” comment. Children are so funny and they don’t even realise it!

    • Hi Mike, thanks for the welcome feedback. Chris has to take the credit for site design and layout. Got to agree with you about PeterPigs website. Fantastic figures, outrageous website 🙂

      How’s Cardiff? I lived there for about 5 years. Fantastic place. Where’s the club located?

    • Thanks Mike. I try to make the site attractive, entertaining and functional in its design and I hope it largely achieves that. Of course without Justin’s excellent modelling content it doesn’t add up to a hill of beans though!

  • Mike Edwards
    6 years ago

    We the Viet-taff (Cardiff Wargames Club)
    based here

    It’s run by Rob West and has 35 tables out back. The club moved in permanently and we have 3-4 sister clubs (Warhammer, Card Games, wings of War etc).

    We are friendly with the Penarth gamers (Crusade is their Trade show this month). http://www.dakkadakka.com/wiki/en/Panzergrenadier_Lehr_Regiment_902_-_I._Battalion

    Is my FOW Profile, But I’m working on it and expanding all the time.

  • Firestorm games has become my friendly ‘local’ game store when I’m working away; I blame them for my ever increasing resin mountain. Anyway I was very impressed with the setup there.. It’s like a tardis – shopfront isnt the biggest and then you go through the shop into a ginormous gaming area

    • That’s good to hear. When I left Cardiff there was only 1 gaming shop in one of the arcades in the centre of town and that was mostly role-playing stuff.

      Looking at the location of Firestorm it’s just that little bit further out. I used to live in Grangetown and walked along that way to get into town. Look forward to calling in next time I’m over in Cymru.

  • My other port of call, when in Cardiff, is Ian Allen bookshop.. I think it’s in the Morgan arcade? They also have a selection of the more historical wargaming ranges and models on top of loads of interesting books.
    Throw in Antics models and GW up by the castle and I always seem to struggle to leave Cardiff without something …

    • I remember Antics, very convenient and a goodselection downstairs as I recall. Cardiff is a good city.

  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    Love it! Well done and the little man stole the show!

    Great vid!


    • Glad you liked it Troy. He’ll be doing his own reviews soon!

  • Mike Edwards
    6 years ago

    Ian Allen is good, popped in their today to pick up AUGUST 1985 by Sir John Hackett (Cold War Stuff). Ian Allen stopped FOW last year, Rob bought all their stock at 50% RRP so for £3000 he got £6000 of FOW extra stock. Firestorm has alot of FOW stuff.

  • Hi there, I came across this blog while searching for paint guide on the opel blitz. Im just wondering, did you use airbrush to do those camo?

  • Awesome, my bro now lives close to cardiff (ian allan), so next time we’re over visiting the niece…
    I’m gonna get a load of the zvezda blitzes for my tiralleurs seneglaise, the BF ones are too expensive for transport and i’d need to cut the cheaper ones down, which i do not fancy. Nice tip on Skytrex extras.
    I’m thinking about getting a load of the Pz IIs and Pz IVs for the boy (desert stylee and toying with the idea of a BT-5 horde, barbarosa army), he painted an AA tractor the week before last and his sister did a kubelwagen in dunkelgelb with green camo. 🙂 I’ll soon have my own sweatshop… they’ve gotta pay their way somehow!

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