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Finishing a Late War T34/76 obr. 1943

Part 1 of 4

T34 Russian Tank

At the moment, I am mostly painting T34s. Lots of T34s.

I'm aiming for a Tank Company to grind Chris' Grenadiers into the Motherland's dust.

I've started with some T34/76s from the Company boxed set.

After labouriously cleaning them up (yawn), I've airbrushed a black undercoat over which I've sprayed Russian Green. Trying something different I'd picked up from Vallejo's recent Acryllic Techniques for AFVs DVD,

I've attempted to spray a fine coat of Light Green on the flat upper surfaces. I've been a bit heavy handed with this as I'm still new to airbrushing, but I quite like the effect it has on breaking up the monotone green, green, green.

Working on the assumption that contrast is everything, I got carried away and drybrushed German Camouflage Bright Green (080) over the upper hulls as well.


Whilst it's a bit patchy, I'm not unhappy with the result.


Currently, I'm painting all the fine details like stowage and cabling. I always feel they look a bit ropey at this stage. I plan to add some washes, initial weathering and a coat of Quickshade Dark Tone over the next few days.

Now, a week later, with time to reflect - and read further - I'm experiencing angst.

A brief survey of how other people paint Soviet AFV reveals a preference to drybrush a 50/50 mix of the base colour 096 Russian Green with white. White. Not Green. Bright, luminescent green.

To see what I mean, check out the illustrious Tomwise's guide to painting IS-85s (TomWise_IS85) or October's Military In Scale's 7-page guide to painting a beautiful 1/35th scale IS-152.

Crunch time: Do I keep what I've done or risk drybrushing a 50/50 mix over what I've already achieved?

Considerations: I like the cold contrast of the white mix. Even the Wife likes this high contrast mix, but is it too stark? If I leave them as they are, will they look odd if I paint my next 2 batches of T34/85s differently? Decisions, decisions. And I thought this was supposed to be a fun hobby!

Well, I took the plunge and mixed up 50/50 Russian Green and White, dry brushed on with a big soft brush, sighed heavily as I painted over what I'd already done, but smiled when I saw the result:

T34-76-PlatoonAs the final job is still quite streaky (a product of a big brush and a heavy hand?) I dry brushed a 40 / 60 mix of Russian Green / White with a finer, wider brush over the highlights and edges to get more of a contrast. Unhappy with the streaky-ness, I applied a coat of MIG P245 BROWN filter across the whole model to blend the colours in a bit. I also washed some around the wheels . This doesn't seem to have worked brilliantly and I'm consoling myself that some Dark Tone may well blend the colours in better later.

To add insult to injury, the wife has just come in an said they don't look any different. After 2 hours of work? Doh! I'll console myself with a photo of how they should look.


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